Ca' Bragadin

Charming Inn



We must go back to 1463 to find the origin of the palace and the famous architect Michele Sanmicheli restored it in the second part of XV century. The three and four-mullioned windowsare noteworthy and now the guests can admire the wonderful leaded glasses of our palace.
The birth of the palace was order by Bragadin, who was one of the first Venetian’s family of nobility patrician, originating from Dalmatia the most celebrated was Marcantonio Bragadin. He become famouse as defence of Famagosta, Cyprus Island, that was been lay sieged by Turkeys on 1574. Marcantonio Bragadin was been skinned and the remains of Martyr lied in the nearest San John’s and Paul’s Church (Church of Sanzanipolo). Famouse was also Matteo Bragadin, senator of the Republic, friend and protector of Casanova.

The same 21 year old Casanova, had met him by chance. It happened at the end of a party at Palazzo Soranzo in San Polo square, where, in need of money, had played the violin in the orchestra for the wedding of Canziana Soranzo. The Senator Bragadin while entering the gondola lost a letter,  Giacomo rushed to bring him the letter and the senator  being so grateful offered to accompany  him home.  Moments later Bragadin began to feel ill. “So I  yelled for the gondolier to stop…I wanted to find a doctor who could immediately bloodlet his Excellency , that without a doubt had suffered a stroke.” Having found the doctor the senator was transported to his home in Santa Marina. “I remained by his Excellency’s sickbed, believing it to be my duty not to leave him alone. Shortly after his friend Patrizio arrived, than another.” They were Marco Dandolo and Marco Barbaro. That night Senator Bragadin was dying and it was Giacomo that decided to remove the poultice of mercury from his chest, ordered by Doctor Ferri, and replace  it with compresses of warm water. The Senator began to revive immediately; it was then a profound friendship and sincere affection  began between the two. Bragadin felt resurrected by the hand of Giacomo, I had invested supernatural powers and he was sure to disappoint him. “whomever you are-the senator told him- I am in debt for my life- now, if you would like to become my son, you do not have to recognize me as your father and from now on you will live in my house  and I will treat you as a son till death. will receive 10 zecchini a month.Giacomo lived in Palazzo Bragadin for nine years (until 1755), he returned often in the Palazzo where he knew he could find refuge from the inquisition, that before Bragadin he would not have been able to enter ina Patrician Palazzo.  Matteo Bragadin died October 26, 1763. Casanova received notice while in Dux by letter from his friend Dandolo. The loss was a deep suffering for him, sweetened by the letter exchanged of a thousand shields, that Bragadin, having felt close to death, had left Casanova.

The descendents  of the Noble Family Bragadin remained in the Palazzo until 1807, the date in which the Palazzo was sold to the family Carabba, originally from Algeria. Now, having been abandoned for twenty years and after two years of attentive restoration,Ca’Bragadin Carabba has returned to its former magnificence of its time.

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