San Lio T. H. hostel is located in the main historical Venice centre, next to the famous Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark's Square, in the main shopping area.

The building hosting the inn on its second floor dates as far back as the beginning of the 16th century: it is placed only 2 minutes walking from the Rialto Bridge and 5 from Piazza San Marco, the two places you cannot miss during a visit to Venice.

The San Lio T.H. bed and breakfast offers easy access to many of Venice's spectacular art treasures, including the nearby Dalmatan school with its precious paintings by Vettore Carpaccio, the church of Saint George of the Greeks and the adjoining Museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, the church of San Zaccaria with Giovanni Bellini's world-famous "Sacred Conversation", and the imposing church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. An attentive staff is also available at all times to help guests plan and enjoy their sojourn in Venice.

San Lio Tourist House
San Lio Tourist House

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